Bake Sale by J Seward Johnson, Jr.

Time’s Up by Seward Johnson

Time’s Up

Sponsored by the Vinci Family
1 North Main Street
Pennington, NJ

Seward Johnson invited a seasoned policeman to his studio to pose for this sculpture. The grimacing face is the result of being asked what face he would make if he had to write a ticket. Police officers do so many different things to help us obey the rules and keep us safe.

    • In what kinds of situations might you ask a police officer for help?
    • Does your family have a first aid kit and a list of emergency numbers in a place that everyone in your family knows where it is in the case of an emergency?
    • Does someone in your family know CPR or the Heimlich maneuvor?


  • It is believed that the Hopewell Township Police Department started on a part-time basis in the 1920s or early 1930s.
  • The village of Pennington was established as a borough in 1890, from portions of Hopewell Township. It was once known as Queenstown and as Pennytown. Until finally around 1947, it began to be called Pennington. The name “Penington” was already known in the area, as Edward Penington (1667–1701), son of the British Quaker leader Isaac Penington, was appointed by William Penn as Surveyor General of Pennsylvania. His father-in-law was a longtime leader, including as governor, of the province of West Jersey, where Edward Penington married. Source: Wikipedia