Bake Sale by J Seward Johnson, Jr.

Captured by Seward Johnson


Sponsored by the Needham Family + Community Donors
Howe Commons
65 S Main St
Pennington, NJ

This sculpture was inspired by India Blake Johnson’s book of poetry and photography.

    • How does the poem the young girl is reading speak to you?
    • If you were to write a poem, what would inspire you?
    • Can you recall any poems from your childhood?
    • Do you have a favorite place to read a captivating book?


The main building of Howe Commons was constructed in the early 1800’s. After several owners, the building was expanded and restored in 1910 as the home of William P. Howe. Mr. Howe served as mayor of Pennington Borough two times. He was a real estate developer and owned a horticultural business called, Howe Nurseries; and converted the Sked and Curlis Farms into residential neighborhoods.

The building fell into disrepair during the economic depression of 1930. It was then purchased and restored by Dr. William Abey in 1942. The building was sold once again in 1968 to real estate developers who developed the residential area behind the building along Abey Drive from Delaware Avenue to Curlis Avenue, and converted the mansion into an office building, adding two additional office buildings.

Source: Howe Commons