Welcome to the Explorer’s Guide

Get ready to unlock a world of inspiration, connection, and creativity! These open-ended questions and prompts offer a unique opportunity to engage with the sculptures on a deeper level, and forge a personal connection with the ones that resonate with you. Whether you choose to write, move, draw, or explore other forms of expression, let your curiosity guide you as you unravel the stories and emotions behind each piece.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to engage with art. Enjoy the process.…let your imagination roam free.…and embrace the many ways in which you can connect with Seward Johnson’s remarkable artwork. Happy exploring!

See all the sculptures by bicycle! Follow these self-guided tours designed by Sourland Cycles, as well as one by the Princeton Freewheelers.

“It’s easy sometimes to forget the simple things that give us pleasure. If we open our eyes, life is marvelous.” ~Seward Johnson

NOTE: For the comfort and safety of all, we kindly request that you avoid approaching sculptures placed at HVRSD schools during school hours. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


  • Where are the figures in the scuptures looking and what do they see?
  • What looks real and what looks imaginary about the sculpture? What about the landscape?


  • Does being with art in nature cause you to see the artwork or nature differently?
  • When and where can you find ways to infuse a sense of discovery in your daily life?


  • Think about a moment that reflects a quiet gesture for the public good. Describe it in no more than 6 words or as a poem.
  • If you were to create a sculpture of yourself, what would it be like?
  • Take a few minutes to relax and color. Download four color sheets depicting the various stages of creating a sculpture – Fabrication, Foundry, Paint + Installation.

Fun Facts! Did You Know?

Click on the image of each sculpture to learn more about the unique location in which it is displayed. You will find that Hopewell Valley is full of history, natural beauty, and fun facts.

The Awakening sculpture by Seward Johnson

The Awakening

D&R Greenway St. Michaels Farm Preserve
Rte 569 / Hopewell Princeton Rd.
Hopewell, NJ

Made possible by the Seward Johnson Atelier and the Atlantic Foundation

Wine, Food and Thou by Seward Johnson

Wine, Food and Thou

Brick Farm Market
65 E. Broad Street
Hopewell NJ 08525

Sponsored by Elaine J. Wold + Community Donors

There, Now You Can Grow sculpture by Seward Johnson

There, Now You Can Grow

Hopewell Elementary School
35 Princeton Avenue
Hopewell NJ 08525

Sponsored by the Morehouse Family + Community Donors

Bake Sale by J Seward Johnson, Jr.

Bake Sale

Hopewell Old School Baptist Church & Meetinghouse
46-48 W Broad St
Hopewell, NJ

Sponsored by Kefi Godfrey, Compass Real Estate

Can We Dance Here, Mommy? sculpture by Seward Johnson

Can We Dance Here, Mommy?

Stony Brook Elementary School
20 Stephenson Road
Pennington NJ 08534

Sponsored by Elaine J. Wold and Community Donors

Time's Up sculpture by Seward Johnson

Time's Up

1 North Main Street
Pennington, NJ

Sponsored by the Vinci Family

Captured sculpture by Seward Johnson


Howe Commons
65 S Main St
Pennington, NJ

Sponsored by the Needham Family + Community Donors

My World by Seward Johnson at Toll Gate School

My World

Toll Gate Grammar School
275 S. Main Street
Pennington NJ 08534

Sponsored by Elaine J. Wold and Community Donors

Keep Life In Balance sculpture by Seward Johnson

Keep Life In Balance

Campus of Timberlane Middle School and HV Central High School
51 S. Timberlane Drive
Pennington NJ 0 8534

Sponsored by Erwin Harbat + Community Donors

Follow the Leader Sculpture by Seward Johnson at Bear Tavern School

Follow the Leader

Bear Tavern Elementary School
1162 Bear Tavern Road (Route 579)
Titusville NJ 08560

Sponsored by Elaine J. Wold + Community Donors

Monet Our Visiting Artist, by Seward Johnson

Monet, Our Visiting Artist

Washington Crossing State Park
South River Drive (in front of Lower Park parking lot)
TItusville, NJ 08560

Sponsored by John Daniel + Community Donors