Hopewell Valley Arts Council Annual Scholarship

Since 2015, the Hopewell Valley Arts Council has awarded $500 scholarships each year to Hopewell Valley Central High School graduating seniors. These scholarships are a critical part of our mission to encourage creativity in the Hopewell Valley community and foster a lifelong participation in the arts.

Scholarship winners are those students who illustrate substantial talent and deep interest in their selected area of study, and demonstrate commitment to furthering their education in any aspect of the arts including fine arts, performing arts, culinary arts, literary arts or other forms of creative expression.

photo of 2022 scholarship Phillips and Brody

2022 Scholarship Winners: Amelia Phillips + Elliot Block

Our Past Scholarship Winners

These incredible students showed ongoing dedication and appreciation for art. For details, just click the images!

Interested in Applying for a Scholarship?

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HVArts Scholarship Winners 2020

2021 Scholarship Winners: Seraphina Gillman, Olivia Levin, Nicole Bartnikowski, and David LaRaus

HVArts Scholarship Winners 2020

2020 Scholarship Winners: William (Liam) May, Alexandra Marcus, and Sullivan Meyer

2018 Scholarship Winners: Christopher Nadar, Maximillion Donaldson, Taylor Rae Carter, and Emmie Collins

Winners of the 2016 Hopewell Valley Arts Council scholarships

2016 Scholarship Winners, with Randee Tengi, HVArts Council Past President: Reinah Bauer, Danielle Costanzo, Michaela Pietrinferno, and Demi Zhang (not pictured)

HV Arts Council scholarship winners 2019
2019 Scholarship Winners: Owen Harrison, Eliza Rosenthale, Ruby Reynertson and Meredith Taggart (not pictured)
Hopewell Valley Arts Council 2017 Scholarship Winners

2017 Scholarship Winners: Kayley Sked, Kanon Shambora, Jake Csermak and Bryan Hill; with HV Arts Council Board Members

Winners of the 2016 Hopewell Valley Arts Council scholarships

2015 Scholarship Winners: Ahn Francesca Nong, Katherine Cleveland, Ian Goldsmith, and Tara Schmitt

Hopewell Valley Arts Council Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

Our scholarships are awarded to four Hopewell Valley Central High School graduating seniors who illustrate an intent to:

  • Further their education at a 4-year college, 2-year college, or professional school; and
  • Continue to study any aspect of the arts, such as fine arts, performing arts, culinary arts, literary arts, or other forms of creative expression.

Students applying for this scholarship must:

  • Demonstrate substantial talent and deep interest in their selected area of study but do not need have received recognition or awards;
  • Indicate their intended major or area of further study: and
  • Provide a brief (one or two paragraph) essay or other artistic representation in response to the following: Recognizing the value of creativity and expression in all of our lives, the mission of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council is to celebrate art in the everyday.  Describe (or show) how the arts have enriched your life and/or your vision for the future. 

The essay must be submitted separately with a copy of the HVCHS Local Scholarship Application attached to the front.

When the scholarship application period is open, it will be available through HVCHS Counseling Services Office “local scholarship” application process.

Please be aware of dates set by the Counseling Services Office. They are set independent of the HV Arts Council and must be adhered to.