Color Fun Run & Walk

Due to planned construction at Woolsey Park, the Color Fun Run will be back in Spring 2024!

Thank you for coming out to the 2022 HV Arts Color Fun Run & Walk!

What a beautiful and colorful day for a Color Fun Run!  A great time was had by all. The morning started with Mike Tusay leading us in the national anthem – Jimi Hendrix style … event updates and instructions from Carol Lipson of the HV Arts Council and Suzanne Elliot from Girls on the Run.  After the full-body warm-up led by Anna from the Pennington Studio, Hopewell Township Mayor, Courney Manning-Peters waved the checkered flag to start the race.

Many thanks to our sponsors and volunteers who help make the event possible with their financial support and color blasting expertise.

Especially: RWJ Hospital – Hamilton, Callaway Henderson Sotheby Int’l Realty, the Freeman Family, Morgan Sayre State Farm Insurance, MercerMe and the Pennington Studio

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  • Please arrive at 10:30am/10:45am to allow time to park and check in.
  • Bring one signed waiver per runner / walker. (Link to waiver)
  • Wear white so you can get colorful!
  • See the FAQs below for all the info

Everyone’s a winner on this 1.5+ mile course where individuals, teams, and families can walk, run, or anything in between. Watch whatever you wear turn into a technicolor masterpiece as you pass through color stations along the route and volunteers shower participants with food-grade dyed cornstarch. The run will end with a fun dance party and one last group color blast. Color fun runs are inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi and now take place around the world as a celebration of love, fun and color. Tickets start at $20 – see below for ticket details.

Get wonderfully colorful at the second annual Color Fun Run + Walk!  Participants of all ages can walk, run, or anything in-between as they watch themselves turn into a technicolor masterpiece – all while supporting the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.

The morning starts off with a welcome, and a short dance preformance, and a full-body yoga warm-up led by the talented dancers from The Pennington Studio.  Then multiples waves of runners and walkers will be sent out onto the Fun Run course, passing through five color-blast stations where volunteers shower participants in food-grade dyed cornstarch.  The course ends with a closing celebration dance party and group color toss finale.ection below.

HV Arts Council Color Fun Run 2021

Courtesy of Benoit Cortet

Everyone’s a winner since it’s all about fun! If you can walk for 1.5 miles and enjoy a good time, this event is a perfect fit.  It is not timed. There is no pressure. Capture lasting memories at the colorful selfie station.  Refreshments will be available to purchase.

Each participants will receive a pair of novelty sunglasses, a bottle of water, and a personal-sized color packet for the closing group color toss.  An event tee-shirt is available if purchased by June 2, 2022.  Otherwise, participants are encouraged to wear a white shirt to show the colors best.

All participants are required to sign the release included with your confirmation email. Please print and bring a signed copy of the relase for each purchased ticket to the registration tent upon your arrival at Woolsey Park. To preview the release, go to the “frequently asked questions’ section below.

Ticket Options:


The Freeman Family
State Farm Logo - Morgan Sayre

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the course strenuous? Do I need to be athletic?

The course is mostly on grass with slight inclines in a few places. If you can walk two miles, you can certainly handle our course. You are encouraged to run or walk as fast or as slow as you like, as long as you complete the course in one hour. There will be no judges or timers. The point of the event is to have fun and support the arts in Hopewell Valley. Participants will be sent out onto the course in waves, with runners going first, then walkers, and then families with small children.

2. Are the color powders safe?

All of the color powders are made of food grade, biodegradable products with FDA approved dyes. All participants are encouraged to wear sunglasses to reduce the chance of getting powder in your eyes. If it does, the powder is non-toxic and can be rinsed out of your eyes with water. We also recommend wearing a bandana or mask to cover your nose and mouth while passing through the color stations to minimize inhaling the powder. If you do not want to be sprayed with color, you are welcome to bypass any color station.

3. Will the color wash out of my hair and off of my skin?

Yes! The easiest way to remove the color is to shake, jump, or vacuum it off while it is dry. There will be a blower station at the end of the event to remove as much powder as possible you get into your car. Once you get home,soap, water, and a bit of elbow grease will get rid of the rest.

4. Will the color powder stain/stay on my shirt?

If you want the color to stay as a cool souvenir, the color can be made permanent by soaking the shirt in vinegar, allowing it to air dry, then ironing it BEFORE putting into a washing machine. If you want to remove all of the colors, rinse and soak the shirt in a sink/bucket of cold water before placing it in a washing machine.

5. Will the color powder damage my cell phone?

The color powder is very fine and can get into the cracks of your phone. Bring a Ziploc bag or have another way to keep your phone safe during the run. There will be photographers at the event, but we still recommend having a camera available for “before” and “after” pictures.

6. What should I wear and bring to the Color Fun Run?

We highly recommend you wear a white shirt so the color powder is most visible and an old pair of sneakers or running shoes. Since the powder gets everywhere, you may want to bring a change of clothes and shoes, along with a plastic bag to stash them into. Also consider bringing a few towels to wipe off your face and cover your car seats before heading home.

Participants who register by September 12 will receive a pair of neon sunglasses. All participants will receive a bottle of water. Silly and colorful outfits/costumes are encouraged.

7. Is the color fun run appropriate for young kids and strollers?

Yes! The color fun run is appropriate for all ages who can walk two miles. Children under 5 are free but must be registered and accompanied by a registered adult at least 18 years of age. The course is mostly grass with some bumpy areas, so only all-terrain strollers are appropriate. Groups with strollers will be sent out onto the course in the last wave of participants.

8. What is the “closing celebration” and can friends/family participate without running/walking the course

At the finish line, participants are encouraged to stay for a fun dance party and a final group color toss. Each participant will receive an individual color packet at registration to save for the closing group color toss. And yes, friends/family not running/walking the course are welcome to be part of the fun by purchasing a Closing-Celebration-Only ticket for $5, which includes an individual packet of color for the group color toss, along with a bottle of water. The closing celebration will end at approximately 1pm.

9. Is each purchased ticket holder required to sign an event release?

Yes. Please review the release on the following page. You will get a copy of the release in the confirmation email you will receive after purchasing your tickets online. Please print a copy of the release for each person you purchased tickets for, and bring a signed copy of the release to the Check-In tent upon your arrival at Woolsey Park.

HV Arts Council Color Fun Run 2021

Courtesy of Cassion Photography

HV Arts Council Color Fun Run 2021

Courtesy of Benoit Cortet

HV Arts Council Color Fun Run 2021

If you have any other questions, please email us.