Out of the Ashes (2018 - 2021)

HV Arts Council - Out of the Ashes - Tree Damage from Ash Borer Beetle

A little green jewel-like beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), arrived in Hopewell Valley and its effects have been devastating. The EAB threatens the entire North American fraxinus (ash) genus, and ash trees are one of the primary native trees in Hopewell Valley, found anywhere from on public property to forests and yards thoughout our area. 

Hopewell Township has been proactive in the fight to protect our ash trees. (For more Township info, please visit https://www.haveyoursayhopewelltwp.org/Emerald-Ash-Borer.) Due to the nature of the damage, it is very difficult to ascertain which trees have already succumbed, and as a result, many ash trees, some infected and some yet to be infected, must be taken down to insure public safety.

To commemorate the virtual loss of this beautiful American tree, and in the spirit of the HV Arts Council’s ongoing upcycling theme, we continue our ongoing initiative Out of the Ashes: Art Emerging from Fallen Trees.  This initiative includes a diverse series of art programs, exhibits, and community events to be held from 2018 to spring 2021.


ArtSpires is the a community art project and exhibition by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council with sculptures on display through spring 2021. To view the exhibition online or download the colorful map, visit www.hvartscouncil.org/artspires.

In 2020, we held a month-long online auction for a chance to own a unique piece of local art. The auction ended with  an entertaining and live telecast. Proceeds from the auction benefit the individual artists and support the mission of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.

ArtSpires remain in the community until the end of April 2021, when they will go to their “forever homes.”

HV Arts Council ArtSpires Map Nov 5, 2020

Celtic Tree of Life Labyrinth
by Teresa Galvin Anderson

Slice of Art

The first art program, launched in summer 2018, as part of Out of the Ashes to commemorate the devastating loss of the ash tree.

Wood slices, playfully called “slices of art” were available for artists and artisans to take home and artistically reimagine. The program is designed to inspire the artists to create unique, natural expressions of art on an ash wood palate.

At an event in August 2018, at the HV Arts Council’s BBQ and Cornhole Tournament, slices of art were available for public purchase with proceeds benefiting the artists and the HV Arts Council.

HV Arts Council ArtSpires Map Nov 5, 2020

Marissa Bunting,Field of Light, Oil Pastels