Can We Dance Here, Mommy? sculpture by Seward Johnson

Can We Dance Here, Mommy? by Seward Johnson

Can We Dance Here, Mommy?

Sponsored by Elaine J. Wold and Community Donors
Stony Brook Elementary School
20 Stephenson Road
Pennington NJ 08534

  • Have a 30-second dance party!  Just pick a song on your phone or sing a song… let go and dance any way you want.
  • Dance with Plants! They are all around us. Share your explorations!

– How are we influenced by them?
– How do we move in, around, and through them?
– Does being close to them change your breath? Do you slow down or speed up?



    • Stony Brook Elementary School first opened its doors in 2002.
    • The school’s mascot is Rocky the All Star.
    • Did you know that Stony Brook Elementary is the site of the Brandon Farms – Stony Brook Meadow? The meadow was planted in Summer 2018 by sponsors, Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, and supporters, Vanessa Sandom and Carl Seiden. The fenced-in meadow serves as a living laboratory that inspires the study of plants and pollinators.

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