More Mandalas!  If you loved our first Daily Dose of Art on Saturday, you will be thrilled with the two new mandala coloring sheets that HV Arts Council member, Dana Weekly of NineTomatoes, has created.

Both are fun but one is particularly challenging.  You’ll want to use pencils or ultra-fine markers if you want to stay inside of the lines… but then again, you don’t have to!  

If you missed Saturday’s mandala, just go back to our earlier post to down load it. (Here’s a link for your convenience.)

A mandala (or circle) represents the origin of life. Its center gently directs us to the infinite space within. The mandalas remind us that behind our physical facades, we’re each our own perfect, beautiful pattern, exquisitely individual.

So find a quiet place, put on some zen or classical music and get lost inside yourself and some creativity for a while.