Someone you know is a pART of our ART pARTy!
Join us for SALON REDUX, an artful and special night.

Handcrafted by your friends and neighbors in Hopewell Valley.
As beautiful, unique and fun as our community itself. 


On March 25, Hopewell Valley will come together for a fun evening of art made by and for the community.

You’ll: SEE art. HEAR art. EAT art. DRINK art. MAKE art. FIND art… throughout the elegant and historic Princeton University Prospect House​.

Many of your friends and neighbors are working behind the scenes on SALON REDUX, our upcycled version of the iconic European art salon. Here we spotlight just a few. (In a future post, we’ll introduce you to the artists and artisans whose work will be out front on gala night.)

So, join us. CUT UP. LEAN IN. BRANCH OUT. And buy your tickets now to make sure you’re a pART of SALON REDUX!

CUT UP: Upcycled decorations made by volunteers will make your night magical.

Hopewell Valley Arts Council volunteers make upcycled decorations for Salon Redux

Learn more about SALON REDUX

LEAN IN: With your friends who are leaning in to make this night possible.

Steering Committee
Liz Bell
Dawn Berman
Linda Bradshaw
Kit Greener
Susie Henkel
Ken Hill
Heidi Kahme
Carol Lipson
Tracy Meyer
Matt Miller
Michelle Needham
Bob Prewitt
Vanessa Sandom
Felicia Schilp
Randee Tengi
Kristin Tunkel
Gala Committee
Kristina Clark
Erica Disch
Rachel Donington
Chris Fossel
Chad Goerner
Abi Goodman
Leslie Hollander
Susan Huber
Lisa Jordan
Debbie Lane
Ann LoPrinzi
Anna Martin
Curtis May
Molly Rice
Sue Sims
Jane Zamost

BRANCH OUT: With these groups giving their time and creativity to support SALON REDUX.Hopewell Valley Community Groups supporting Salon Redux

Be a pART of the ART at SALON REDUX! Learn more and get your tickets now.