Salon Redux Gala

Salon Redux Gala will be upcycled into something else like this unfinished portrait of George Washington

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council has decided to postpone the Salon Redux gala, planned for March 25 at Princeton University’s Prospect House.

We heard from many that this event and date just wouldn’t work for you and we want as many participants as possible to enjoy this celebration of the arts. So, please stay tuned for future news: We are still working through the details.

We have tried to promptly reach everyone who will be directly impacted by the gala’s postponement. If we have not reached you or if you have a question, please contact us (; (609) 281-5887.)

Many thanks to…

— our volunteers who have been busy with creative decorations and community-engaging art projects;
— our performers who have been preparing to present cuisine, dance, poetry and music in unexpected ways; and
— our ticket buyers and sponsors who are always there to support art and community-building.
We can’t wait to share many of the salon delights with the community at a future event.

So, what does this portrait of George Washington have to do with Salon Redux?

Gilbert Stuart started this painting in 1796. And this is still what it looks like today.
The portrait was apparently a challenging project: Washington was a reserved subject and his new false teeth distorted his face. But Stuart himself went on to create 75 replicas of this image, upcycling it into multiple uses.

And now, you recognize it as one of the most iconic images of Washington we have: the portrait on the dollar bill.


At the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, we celebrate the artistic spirit that upcycles unfinished projects into masterpieces.  

We have a lot more things planned: Watch our Facebook page and, of course, our website here for our regular flow of news and events. Thank YOU, as always, for your support and enthusiasm for the arts in Hopewell Valley!

Please join us for our gala, Salon Redux, as we “upcycle” the iconic European art salon.

Upcycled Cyborg Woman by Sandy Bonasera

This piece, by Hopewell Valley artist and resident Sandy Bonasera, will be on display at Salon Redux.

Explore the rooms of Princeton University’s historic Prospect House and discover culinary experiences and artistic delights.

We will also recognize Liza and Sky MorehouseJon and Robin McConaughy, and Mitchel Skolnick for the reimagining of the Hopewell Playhouse, formerly known as the Off-Broadstreet Theatre.

About Salon Redux

SALON REDUX, A HOPEWELL VALLEY ARTS COUNCIL GALA is our primary fundraiser and social event of 2017. Your attendance supports our programs fostering creative expression and appreciation, connecting artists and residents of the valley, and furthering the arts through scholarships to Hopewell Valley Central High School graduating seniors. And for you, it offers creative fun!WHEN: SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 2017  7:00-10:30 PM

WHERE: Princeton University’s Prospect House

DRESS: Creative cocktail attire (In other words, have a little fun!)

Join friends old and new for a memorable evening as our focus on upcycling provides a twist on the familiar and we celebrate art in the everyday at the historic Prospect House, the former home of Princeton University presidents.

Sourland Mountain Spirits at the Hopewell Valley Arts Council's 2017 Gala Salon Redux

Be among the first to sample Hopewell’s own Sourland Mountain Spirits and get a taste of New Jersey’s First Farm Distillery Since Prohibition.

Explore the architecture of the past as you take in salons highlighting the present–with artistic performances, culinary specialties, and fine spirits to awaken all your senses.

Marvel at the beautiful art that can be made from ‘trash’ and, if you’re feeling creative, contribute to a community art project we’ll produce together.

Procure one-of-a-kind treasures in our Upcycled Silent Auction and get first dibs on exclusive art-related experiences to be hosted by friends of the Arts Council in coming months.

Creativity and surprises await at every turn! Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun and be a part of this unique evening with the Hopewell Valley community.