Black and White

by Caroline Hall

Design Statement

Nature is the subject of my art; drawings, paintings, and sculptures all with a focus on trees, flowers, plants, and human beings. The color and shapes of a plant, of flowers, of a tree, the ebb, and flow of a human form, all of these are attractive to me and bring my medium alive when I’m creating. When provided with this spire, a taller, thicker, solid “canvas” than I’m accustomed to, I still felt the need to create movement and flow in the lines and shapes I was seeing and creating.

As an art teacher, I am constantly talking about color and value within my lessons. I love color, but there is something striking about contrasting black and white. My initial sketches were in reds, pinks, and black, but as I started to carve and think about the lines on the spire, my mind moved to that need for complete opposition, black and white. I loved playing with the carved lines and the natural movement within the piece of wood.

Materials:  carved, then primed with acrylic paint, details done in oil paint pens

Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 87″

Map/Spire Number: 54

Location: The Pennington School

Address: 112 W. Delaware Avenue, Pennington NJ

About the Artist

About the Artist

I am an artist. I am a woman. I am a mom and I am a wife. I am the daughter of teachers and makers. I am an art teacher. I am a residential faculty member at a boarding school. I am a runner and a believer. I am a painter. I paint primarily in oils, although the surfaces I paint on aren’t always canvas. I like to work with mixed media, involving nature in my works. I incorporate line and shape as I feel and reflect the imagery I’m reaching for in my art. I teach 2D Design and Drawing courses so my work reflects the inspiration I get while explaining a lesson. I like to sit down and create with my students. They are positive and fresh. I surround myself with colorful gardens and life. My education not only comes from my years in school but from my students, as I am always learning and experiencing new things with them in the classroom.



HV Arts Council Patterson Full Spire
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Artistic Accolades:

“A star-shaped birdhouse tops this mesmerizing monochromatic depiction of the beetle’s curvy path of destruction.”