Peacock Perspective

by Kareen Bar-Akiva

Design Statement

Considered an ancient symbol of protection and safeguarding, the peacock’s feathers destroy negativity and have the power to keep bad influences away. In these often isolating times, it is important to maintain positive thinking as we make the best of a challenging situation. The peacock’s reach spreads around the spire to remind us that it radiates its protection in all directions.

Materials:  Acrylic paint, pencil and markers
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 53″

Map/Spire Number: 19

Location: Near Pennington Post Office

Address: Bromel Place & Knowles Street

About the Artist

About the Artist

I’m a local mom who needed a creative outlet!


HV Arts Council BarAkivaFullSpire
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Artistic Accolades:

“A painterly depiction of the royal peacock.”