Artist: Hopewell Valley Central High School – Doc O’Boyle and Student Artists

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Design Statement

Piet Mondrian was one of the great painters of the 20th Century. After painting for decades in his native Netherlands, he turned to America for its vibrant jazz and the neon lights of Broadway for influences and artistic inspiration.

Mondrian’s vocabulary of bold lines and primary colors speaks to the language of abstraction and its timelessness in its elemental and primary components. It is instantly recognizable. His abstract grids have been popularized in haute couture fashion, as well as the signature design on private jets, costly race cars and the sedans of the rich.

We have taken the abstract grid motif of Mondrian and adapted it onto the surface of one of his iconic images – the ox or bullock for all to enjoy. It reflects a sense of artistic humor, an acknowledgement of his relevance to contemporary life and a homage to the elements of art… which transcend the limitations of language, time and culture.

This ox was awarded Honorable Mention by our panel of Stampede Judges, and was purchased at The Year of the Ox gala for $3,200.

Hopewell Valley Central High School by Doc O'Boyle and Student Artists
About the Artist

About the Artist

Doc O’Boyle has been at Hopewell Valley Central High School for three and a half decades. With the experience of having taught thousands of students, Doc has shared with students the academic style to establish a foundation for their personal works. He has been acclaimed both for his watercolors and drawings, ranging from silverpoint to mixed media pieces and he shares these techniques with his students.

O”Boyle is represented in over a hundred prestigious collections including the New Jersy State Museum. Among his numerous honors, he has been awarded the Governor’s Teacher of the Year (twice) and the Princeton University Award as Distinguished Secondary Teacher. Having jumped through all the hoops to obtain his BFA,MFA, and a double PhD, O’Boyle shares with his artist wife, Carrie their greatest accomplishment…their daughter Maura Grace. He considers himself to be truly blessed with the wonderful students with whom he has worked.