What is The Hopewell Valley Stampede

The HV Stampede is the the first program sponsored by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council and is a public art exhibit modeled after an idea introduced in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1998, over 800 decorated cows were placed throughout Zurich’s landscape, drawing worldwide attention and attracting thousands of local and foreign visitors. In the summer of 2014, Hopewell will host its own event, when a herd of oxen will roam throughout the Valley. On-going events associated with the HV Stampede, such as music festivals, art exhibits and other cultural programs, will heighten awareness of our Valley’s heritage, promote educational participation, increase the visibility of the region’s artists and businesses, and boost tourism. This collaboration will bring together many of the Valley’s exceptional talents and interests, building a sense of community and providing economic benefi ts. The HV Stampede will inspire our residents and visitors alike to remember the past and celebrate the present, and will generate support for the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s future programs and facilities.