How would you like to own one of the creatively decorated Stampede oxen? Now you can! While most of the oxen have been sold and are with their new wranglers, eleven ‘oxceptional’ oxen will be sold at a live auction happening at The Year of the Ox Gala on January 24, 2015 at Grounds for Sculpture. Proceeds from the sale of  all the oxen will go to the further development of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council and ongoing programming efforts fostering the mission of celebrating art in the everyday.

If supporting the Hopewell Valley Arts Council isn’t a good enough reason in itself to bid on an ox, here are the top 10 reasons we came up 😉 Can you think of any others to add?

10. To start a farm of life-size fiberglass art animals

9. To brighten things up when the trees lose their leaves

8. Because your parents wouldn’t let you get a pony

7. To mooo-ve and impress your art collecting friends and family

6. To make your holiday card the talk of the town (Olly loves being photographed)

5. To give your children a good hiding place during hide & seek

4. To scare off the deer

3. Because the jungle gym is getting boring

2. To decorate your septic mound

1. To support the Hopewell Valley Arts Council