We’ve survived the first full week of e-learning and social distancing.  It’s time to celebrate! Tonight, help make your family’s Sunday dinner extra-special with the addition of handmade napkin rings and place mats.

For napkin rings, cut a cardboard tube in approximately 2 inch-wide loops. Decorate in any way you like with paper, yarn, markers or other embellishments. Insert a rolled-up napkin and go set the table.  (See Fig1. tube wrapped in yarn; Fig 2. tube wrapped with the scribble art created from March 17 project.

Find more inspiration in these Pinterest images Fig 3. cross stitch and Fig 4. covered with washi tape.

Paint, color, or collage a piece of thick paper to make a decorative placemat. Recycle old stained placemats by painting right on top! 

You can make a customized placemat for each member of your family by including their name, pictures of their special interests, or favorite colors.