Registration and Submission Process 2013

Artists must register online by Tuesday, December 17, 2013.  This registration indicates the artist’s intention to submit a design.  If an artist is submitting two designs, a separate online registration must be completed for each design.

An artist who has registered online by the registration deadline and later decides to submit a second design, may do so.  In this circumstance, please contact us at artists.hvartscouncil@gmail.

Design Submission

Final submission of the design is due no later than Friday, January 17, 2014.

Designs will be reviewed for suitability based on the Design Guidelines stated in the HV Stampede Artist Guidelines. Artists are encouraged to express their creativity in decorating an ox in any manner they choose, but it must be resistant to the effects of weather, public attention and use. The materials should be durable, permanent, safe and easily maintained.  The sculptures may be sanded, glued, wired, painted, plastered, bejeweled, decoupaged, tiled or otherwise adorned, as long as they are weatherproof and safe to the public.

Artists are required to create a title for their decorated ox.  This name will be used as the primary identifier for your work over the course of The Stampede.   In other public art projects similar to The Stampede, clever and catchy names became an important element of their events and promotions.  Examples from the North Carolina Cow Parade include:  CowBot (a robot cow), Cow-laboration, Moo-vie Buff.  As such, please give ample consideration to selection your name.  The name is limited to 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Approved designs will become part of a portfolio shown to the HV Stampede Sponsors.  Artists will be notified if their design has been selected.  Both the Sponsor and the selected artists’ names will appear with the ox while on display.  Any submitted design may, at the discretion of the HV Arts Council, be displayed prior to final selection for public viewing.

Sponsor/Artist Partnering

HV Arts Council will facilitate the partnering of a sponsor with an artist.  In certain cases, the artist may be asked to coordinate with the sponsor to create a mutually agreeable final design.

Alternatively, artists may wish to find their own sponsor by contacting businesses or clients interested in their work.  Artists may also finance their own ox.  Sponsor packets, outlining the various levels of sponsorship, can be found at here.

HV Arts Council welcomes donations by the artist either by forgoing the $750 honorarium or purchasing a sponsorship at any of the available sponsorship levels.

Ox Delivery and Transportation

A white fiberglass ox will be delivered to each selected artist as a “blank canvas” for their approved design.  The HV Arts Council will transport the ox to and from the artist’s studio or workspace.  The HV Stampede Art Committee will visit with Artists periodically over the project’s implementation period to monitor progress.  Completed oxen must be weatherized as recommended by the HV Arts Art Committee and be ready for pick-up by June 30, 2014.

Public Exhibition and Auction

The public exhibition will take place in the Fall of 2014.  Oxen that have not been purchased in advance by their sponsors may be sold through a live auction at a gala event, silent auction or online auction. The HV Arts Council, at its sole discretion, will determine how each ox is sold. All proceeds from the HV Stampede will support art programs sponsored by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.


For more information about the Call For Artists and the design submission process, please email the Arts Council at