HVArts Gallery 14 Show Opening August 10, 2023

Opening Reception – August 10, 2023

Radius 14
Celebrating Our Local Artists

August 10th through 20th

This show is part of a year-long tribute to the life and art of Seward Johnson, who served as an inspiration and mentor to many local artists.

Gallery 14
14 Mercer Street
Hopewell, NJ

Meet the Artists in our Radius 14 Show

Ritch Gaiti

Mary Galioto

Joseph Goldfedder

Barry Hantman


Beth Kane

Joy Kreves

Debra Lampert-Rudman

Carol A. Lipson

Eleni Litt, EZL Studio

Rory Mahon

Charles T. Miller

Jameson Moore


Leonora Rita V. Obed

Anastazja Panek-Tobin

Jeanine Pennell

Kate Pollack

Asia Popinska

Janet Purcell

Corinne Reslier

Ellen Rogers

Morgan L. Silk

Alice Sims-Gunzenhauser

Wendy Smith

Aurelle Purdy Sprout

Bob Steeler


John Wells

Jane Zamost