The Amazing Pumpkin Carve Gallery

Every Year, the Pumpkins Get More Amazing!

Our amazing carvers, bring their incredible talent each year, making the Amazing Pumpkin Carve more amazing. If you were out of town or just want to see your favorites once again, scroll around below to see all 31 masterpieces at this year’s 9th Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve. 

Photo Credit: Evelyn Inoue, Ted Inoue, and Mary Gallioto

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Carved by Britany Keyak-Potoczky

Britany Keyak-Potoczky
Sponsor: H.M. Royal
Award: Scariest Pumpkin

Austin Martin
“Scare Pig”
Sponsor: One Compost Can

Michael Davies
“It’s Called Porkroll”
Sponsor: Codrington Design
Award: Best Surface Carving

Joyce Volmer
“Sunflowers and Goldfinches”
Sponsor: MercerMe

Susan Roseman
“Birds of a Feather”
Sponsor: Pennington Studio for Dance

Linda Angely
“Man + the Moon + Stars”
Sponsor: NJM Insurance Group

Matt Derby
“Total Freak-All”
Sponsor: Princeton Finacial Partners
Award: Freakiest

Elise Slafka
Sponsor: Shier Tree Service

Jason Ferrara
Sponsor: Northfield Bank
Award: Honorable Mention

Barbara DiLorenzo + Jonathan Fisk
“Calm Before the Storm”
Sponsor: Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Kathleen Sheehan
“Creature from the Black Lagoon”
Sponsor: Harbat Farm

Jessica + Ted Kruscavage
“We Love the Night Life”
Sponsor: Pennington Quality Market

Jeff Brown
“Jack’s Fright, Squeezed Tight”
Sponsor: The Morehouse Family
Award: Best 3-D Carving

Jennifer Stevens 
“The Afterlife”
Sponsor: Trap Rock Industries
Award: HV Arts Council Award

Anne Nixon Ellery
Sponsor: BMS Fox Roach – Michelle Needham
Award: Most Original Design

Jonathan Connor
“The Spirit of Vengence”
Sponsor: Princeton Air

Eric Schultz
Sponsor: Morpeth Contemporary
Award: Best Use of Lighting


John Goeke
Sponsor: Hopewell Crossing Shopping Center
Award: Honorable Mention

Curtis May
“Frog in My Throat”
Sponsor: Global Neuroscience Institute
Award: Honorable Mention

Aleece Davis + Jill Thomas
Sponsor: Capital Health
Award: Pop Culture Award

Poppy Sangthong + Peter Buruschkin
Sponsor: Community News


Sarah Bernotas
“Eye on You”
Sponsor: The Bank of Princeton
Award: Funniest Pumpkin

Rich Palumbo + Danielle Costa-McCobb
“Humpty Dumpty’s Nightmare”
Sponsor: Aspire Studios
Award: Most Creative Use of Materials

Patrick Pasquito
“Hot Head”
Sponsor: Lawrenceville Fuel

Kathy Lala
“Hocus Pocus”
Sponsor: The Buxton Complex


Michelle + Benjamin Clark
“Uninvited Dinner Guest”
Sponsor: Bowden Dental

The Pennington School Art Club
Ulrica Peng, Shreya Mookherjee, Maryam Darwish
“The Scream”
Sponsor: The Pennington School

Caroline Hall
“Lobster Stew or Witch’s Brew?”
Sponsor: Delis Landscaping
Award: HV Arts Council Award

Lenora Kandiner + Tim Cresson
“Ginkgo + Fibonacci, Forces of Nature”
Sponsor: Ed Groth + Candace McCoy


John Woodard
“A Slow Goodbye”
Sponsor: RWJ Hospital
Award: Honorable Mention

Poppy Sangthong
Sponsor: Lennar
Award: Cutest Pumpkin