Summer Days

by Kyle Wille

Design Statement

The artspire has taken me to favorite moments in time at a beach where family and friends have gathered for years, even before my birth. My own children have heard their grandfather’s childhood stories, found buried treasure left by pirates and have been immersed in summer tailored learning units, planned by their grandmother, a retired teacher, who recently passed.

At this magical location, my children were granted the freedom to explore the bayside gems. It is here that they improved and learned skills in biking, swimming, sailing, steering various paddle boats, mastering the art of catching crabs, and fishing in the safe confines of the neighborhood where their grandparent’s cottage resides. Skits and sing along with a guitar at hand by the bonfire at night, birthday celebrations, reunions, stories shared around the dinner table, and best of all, the laughter; create memories embedded in my mind. And now, they stand tall in this spire.

The driftwood was collected from those beaches and the compass represents how we figured out the time with a bottle and a shadow, and the directions this place constantly takes us.

Materials: Acrylic, stain, drift wood, rope
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 57″

Map/Spire Number: 31

Location: HT Municipal Athletic Complex

Address: 201 Washington Crossing Pennington Road, Titusville

About the Artist

About the Artist

With a background in both Elementary Education and Art, my life continuously brings my interests into planning, creating art and working with people of all ages. I began my career teaching first grade until my husband Carl and I started our family. While raising our four kids, I co-founded and planned two organizations for Moms and their children, founded a neighborhood summer camp, proudly volunteered at schools and community programs, co-founded a school in Hopewell where I directed and taught Pre-K and Kindergarten students, taught in the school district and a local preschool, and I have been running a freelance business painting canvases, murals, and furniture designs for 15 years now. I have been the Artist Outreach & Program Planner at HV Arts Council since 2017 and more recently, I serve as a board member. My husband Carl, our four kids, and my love for family, friends and travel are a constant inspiration for my artwork.

HV Arts Council Fulmer Featured Photo
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Artistic Accolades:

“The harmony of this spire and the integration of materials is fabulous.”