Artist: Pam Ruch and the Artists of Morven

Sponsor: Pheasant Hill Foundation

Design Statement

History can be told through canals and locomotives. It can be told through draft animals and waterwheels. It can also be told through historic houses and their heirloom flowers. Narcissus poeticus, the Poet’s Daffodil, was first mentioned in the botanical writings of Theophrastus, c. 300 BCE. Its red-rimmed “pheasant’s eye” and pure white petals are thought to have inspired Ovid’s tale of Narcissus, the beautiful but vain young man who fell in love with his own reflection. The Campernelle Daffodil, a delicate antique with a rich scent, dates back to the 16th century. Gold-trumpeted ‘Emperor’ Daffodil, modern by comparison, was introduced by a 19th century breeder and planted by Henry DuPont in his gardens at Winterthur. The history of flowers is not static. It is subtle, ever-evolving, and on view everywhere.

Historic daffodils can be seen at Morven Museum in Princeton, and both the new and the old make up a grand spring display at Pheasant Hill, home of Robert Wilson, sponsor of “Narcissus.”

This ox is owned by its sponsor.

Narcissus by Pam Ruch and the Artists of Morven
About the Artist

About the Artist

Pam Ruch cares for the gardens at Morven Museum in Princeton, and maintains a website and blog at

Ellie Wyeth ( is a painter and illustrator based in Skillman, New Jersey. Her portfolio of work includes still life painting, portraiture, landscape, and hand-painted canvas floorcloths. Her work is exhibited widely.

Chela St. Onge grew up in Rumson in a one of a kind house with formal gardens. Planting professionally later, large outdoor sculpture emerged as her complement to the gardens. Her pieces have been on display at the Jersey shore and reviewed in the NY Times.

Pattianne Dermody is a member of the Del Val Decorative Painters, a local chapter of the National Society of Decorative Painters. She is involved with tole and altered art painting, as well as sewing and craft work. Her work has been displayed at various Trenton Art shows.

Brenda (Sam) Goeke of Pennington, New Jersey is primarily a decorative tole painter. She also dabbles in watercolor, pen and ink, and reverse glass painting.

Laura Jadwin Bachko is an alumna of Princeton University and The Chapin School in New York City. She began her career in publishing and software publishing while also working with her father in the steamship industry, taking over his business as CEO in 1991.