The next two day’s Daily Dose of Art projects are based on… scribbling. Yes, that thing your teachers told you to stop doing in class! Scribbling is done quickly and carelessly and is usually associated with being bored.  But not this time!

This project was “prescribed” (LOL) by HV Arts Council member, Jane Zamost, a healing art instructor and accomplished artist. Just get out a piece of paper. And scribble. Then take a good look at it.  Discover an image you see within a part of your scribble and expand upon it. And have fun!

Here’s a scribble that Jane did. Fig 1.  The image that Jane developed within the overall scribble. Fig 2.   The two images side-by-side for comparison. Fig 3.  

Jane’s work can be found at and on FB & Insta @JaneZamostAlwaysEvolving Art.

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