PENNINGTON – The Hopewell Valley Arts Council proudly awarded its annual scholarships to two Hopewell Valley Central High School 2024 graduating seniors: Rose Andreski and Jacob Brown.

For the tenth year in a row, applicants represented the community’s best and most creative students.

“This year is particularly special as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. These scholarships are a critical part of our mission in encouraging creativity in the Hopewell Valley community and fostering a lifelong participation in the arts,” said HV Arts Council board president, Carol Lipson.

Scholarship winners were those who illustrated substantial talent and deep interest in their selected area of study, and a commitment to further their education in any aspect of the arts, including fine arts, performing arts, culinary arts, literary arts, or other forms of creative expression.

Dancer Rose Andreski reflects on her journey: “Dance has always been an integral part of my life and a core component of who I am today. From a very young age, I saw dance as not only enjoyment but an outlet for my creativity, freedom of expression, and eagerness to explore different styles.”

Starting ballet at six years old at Danceworks in Pennington, NJ, Andreski expanded into various styles including jazz, hip hop, tap, lyrical, and acrobatics. Her dedication earned her recognition from Hopewell Valley Central High School’s faculty for outstanding achievement and service in dance. She was also accepted into the school’s Performing Arts Academy, choreographing and performing her own dances.

Beyond the stage, her love of dance extends into science and history, blending her studies in human anatomy and physiology with her dance research. Andreski plans to major in dance and psychology in college to continue her passion and knowledge expansion.

Actor Jacob Brown shares his experiences: “This past year, I was involved in a production where I needed to dress up in a mermaid costume with a pumpkin bra and

dance in front of hundreds of people. The year prior, I had to stand atop a rolling table and sing about corporate hacks and quid pro quo. People asked me if I was nervous or embarrassed, and my answer was always ‘No.’ The confidence I acquired from those productions and others has helped me become extremely comfortable with myself and who I am as a person.”

Brown’s involvement in theater has built a concrete foundation of confidence for him, enabling him to help others with various challenges, from acting coaching to personal advice. He plans to pursue a BFA in Acting at the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts, aiming to connect deeply with others and make a positive impact, regardless of where his career in the arts takes him.

As the HV Arts Council celebrates its 10th anniversary, it continues to promote the importance of art in the everyday and encourage the creative endeavors of the Hopewell Valley community. The HV Arts Council would also like to thank Artworks Trenton for their contribution to this scholarship fund and for their shared mission of promoting local artists..

Though their art and creative perspectives may vary, the 2024 scholarship winners share a bright future for the arts in Hopewell Valley.