Warning:  This project can cause uncontrollable laughter!

We can all use a giggle right now. This is one of my favorite and yet easiest projects. It’s so much fun and doesn’t take any skill at all — so get your whole family involved.

What you need: old magazines, scissors, glue

Find an image of a face that fills most of a page to use as the base. (Fig 1.) Cut out various body parts…real or imaginary and place them on top of the base image. The whackier the better!

I did one this morning that started with a photo of a beautiful woman from a jewelry store advertisement. Then, I gave her a “facelift” and even redesigned her jewelry. (Fig 2)

Here are a few funny portraits found on Pinterest (Fig 3, Fig 4, Fig 5).  See what goofy portraits you come up with and please post to share a laugh with all of us.

Stay in touch and share where your imagination has taken you by posting your project photos on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #HVArtsDailyDose or email a photo to us at info@hvartscouncil.org!

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp