Today’s rainy day project looks challenging but it’s so simple, you can do it while watching the TV!

Step 1. Find an old book that you have permission to use for this project.  Paperback books are easiest for your first book folding project.

Step 2. Leaving the cover on, start folding the pages in half, back onto themselves.  To get a neat result, be sure to tuck the pages in all the way, lining the sides up as you go, and use your finger to make a fold. If the sides are a bit uneven, just unfold the page and refold. It’s better to correct as you go. Once you’ve folded the page the way you want, use your finger nail or a ruler to make a VERY crisp fold. (Fig 1).

Step 3.  Continue folding the entire book, one page at a time.  As you get near the end, the pages will get harder to tuck in because the book will keep getting fatter and fatter.  But keep going…and try to fold as precisely as you can.

Step 4.  After all of the pages are folded, tear off the front and back covers.  No real need to glue it together because it should stay in position on its own.

Step 5.  Find a fun use for new creation.  On it’s side, you can use it to keep little notes or photos handy (Fig 2).  I used a vintage folded book to hold the table numbers for my niece’s wedding. I inserted a skewer, added a seed packet to identify the ‘lettuce table’ along with the table number (Fig 3).  Check out all of these cool shapes. The possibilities are endless. (Fig 4). It’s so relaxing to do… you might not want to stop!

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

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