Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. – Jonathan Swift

James Baxter, “Roots”

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council cultivates all types of creative exploration and artistic expression and celebrates “art in the everyday” … but what does that mean?

It is about opening one’s eyes to the simple, beautiful, seemingly mundane parts of our lives. It lies in shadows, reflections, footprints, found objects or trash, on store shelves, and even in our garages.

It is also the art of everyday activities, items, and relationships — a child’s poem/art, stacked wood, homemade cards, and baked goods. It lies in an organized spice rack or a pile of worn sneakers tossed by the door.

To celebrate viewing the world with this new lens, we’re inviting the community to participate with us. Starting in June, we’ll be posting photos submitted by the community and hope you’ll join us by tagging your inspired images with #hvartintheeveryday on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t enjoy tagging? Email our us at

Please help us discover all the endless possibilities and celebrate art in the everyday!