Here’s a game you can make. Keep it on your porch and play all summer long!

Step 1.  On your daily walk, collect 10 smooth stones, all about the same size, and straight tree branches.  Wash.

Step 2.  Paint 5 stones all the same for the X’s.  Paint another 5 stones another way, but all the same for the O’s. The grid only has 9 spaces, but it’s good to have 10.

Step 3.  Make your game board shaping your sticks into a grid and bind using twine or yarn.  Alternatively, if you have small pieces of wood, ask someone who is handy with a saw and hammer to give you a hand. If you’re that person, more power to you! (Fig 1, Fig 2)

Idea: Use only natural elements to make a more ethereal game that will only last for a day or two. (Fig 3)

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