This is a great way to learn about the proportions of the human face – and it’s fun!  Rather than just drawing what you THINK a face looks like, look VERY closely at your own face. You might be surprised at what you see!  Your eyes are much lower than most people would draw them – they are actually in the center of your face.

Step 1.  Take a photo of yourself on your cell phone and print it out in letter size.  

Step 2.  Cut the photo in half and glue it onto a piece of drawing paper.  

Step 3.  Using a pencil, complete the other half of your face by drawing its “mirror image.”  Observe your facial features carefully – from the position and shape of your eyes, to the width of your mouth.

Step 4.  Once you are happy with your initial pencil drawing, go over the lines with black marker pens and finish it off by adding some color.

Here are a few images made by six year old students in a group called Hannah’s Art Club. (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3)  The kids had so much fun, they even made a portrait of their teacher!  (Fig. 4) LOL!