2023 Summer Workshop Registration

Decorative Trays

Beginning in the 1960’s, Seward Johnson’s painted trays have provided a mixture of utility and hobby, embodying the search for warmth and contentment on late nights. Seward called his trays, “Midnight Snack Art”. His favorite subjects to explore were memories, painted with watercolor-like acrylic washes, and scenes from his home and farm in Hopewell, NJ. Seward said, “Midnight Snack Art helps me be in a state to fall happily asleep by creating a peaceful scene to project myself into.”

A recommended supply list will be provided. All supplies and trays to paint are the responsibility of the students. Alternatively, HV Arts Council has some trays primed and ready to go, which can be purchased for $10.


HVArts Decorative Trays Workshop - Seward Johnson