Playing with your food is usually a no-no… but hopefully you can get (or give) permission to have a little fun! 

Sandwiches are on lunch’s menu… but before just slapping two pieces of bread together, take a few minutes to be creative. Carrots can be shredded or cut to form hair, olives could be teeth or eyeballs, a slice of red pepper could be an ear or a big smile.

For a more refined look, try using cookie cutters to cut out shapes. (Tip: Soft bread will just get crushed by cookie cutters, so try freezing or toasting the bread first.)

Check out these ideas from Pinterest. (Fig 1, Fig 2, Fig 3)

Let your imagination go wild, but don’t forget to eat your creation!

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

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