Welcome SPRING — no matter what the weather, if we’re all inside or out!


Spriha Gupta, a wonder mixed-media artist and HV Arts Council member, shared this fun project along with her photos. 

Step 1:  Create swirly doodle flowers, stems, and leaves. (Fig 1)

Step 2: Use the coloring tool of your choice to fill in the swirls with different colors and patterns. Try thin and thick lines, zig zags, dots, or even more doodles. (Fig 2 & Fig 3)

Step 3: Color the sky and the growing grass.

Step 4: Add details like a rainbow, clouds, or  butterflies. And there you have it — a beautiful spring scene to remind you that happiness blooms from within.

For info about Spriha Gupta, check out this link.

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp

Why not bring some imagination into your time at home and put some positive energy out into the world. The HV Arts Council will be bringing you a “Daily Dose of Art” – a coloring page or small art project to work on. This isn’t about making a masterpiece, it’s about having a little fun and exploring your creativity.

Stay in touch and share where your imagination has taken you by posting your project photos on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #HVArtsDailyDose or email a photo to us at info@hvartscouncil.org!