Love is everywhere – so the next few Doses of Art will be all about hearts!

Fig 1

Step 1. Print or draw a large heart on a piece of cardboard or big thick paper to make the puzzle frame.

Step 2. While out on a walk, pick up stones of different sizes.  Find pretty stones for the main part of your heart, but you will also need a lot of little “filler” pebbles too. Wash the stones. (Fig 1)

Step 3. Starting with the larger stones, begin placing the stones within the border of the heart to fill up the white space.  It’s just like coloring, but with stones. Move the stones around to get the composition the way you like it.  (Fig 2)

Step 4. It’ll get more difficult as the heart starts to fill up so use small pebbles to fill in the gaps between the larger stones. 

When you’re finished, just take off the stones and start again. No two are alike! (Fig 3)

Ideas: We used stones for this project, but why not try other natural elements, like sticks or seashells? Or do your project outside. Draw a chalk heart on your sidewalk and your finished heart will be seen by everyone passing by and brighten up their day!