The projects for today and tomorrow use wine corks.  We’re sure you (or your parents) have probably accumulated a large pile of wine corks by now, so grab a few. These cork projects are so cute, we can’t stand it! 

Today’s project is a mini cork planter.

Fig 1

Step 1. Decide if you want your planter to stand up or lay down. This will determine where to cut out the “planting area” in the cork.  Cutting the cork can be very dangerous, so if you’re not an adult — get one to help you!  Use a knife or some other stiff pointy object, like an awl, to pick away at the cork to create the hole in the cork.  Don’t go too deep or the cork will fall apart. 

Step 2. Use thin wire to shape a handle or make a topiary form.  Maybe nails for legs for your mini planter.  The wire/nails can be poked right into the cork. Add a dab of glue on the ends to keep them in place. 

Step 3. Go outside and find some very small plants for your mini-planters. Obviously, you can’t put much dirt into the hole, so succulents or moss are great choices because they can survive for a while with little or no soil.  (Fig 1)

Your finished cork planter might look cute on a windowsill, just sitting there waiting for a little garden fairy to arrive.

Here are a few clever examples from Pinterest. (Fig 2, Fig 3)