Here is another adorable cork project — mini bird houses. Create details that you would see on a full-sized bird house, but in miniature.

Step 1. Gather your supplies – some corks, acorn tops, skewers or sticks, moss, tooth picks, and glue.

Step 2. Use a pointy object, like a nail or an awl, to bore out a hole, like where a bird would enter. While you are at it, make a hole in the bottom where a skewer or stick can be inserted, as the last step.  

Step 3. Make another small hole under the entry hole, and insert and glue part of a wood toothpick for the perch.

Step 4. Glue an acorn cap on top for the lid.

Step 5. Insert and glue the skewer into the bottom of the cork.

A few mini bird houses look cute together in a vase, or insert them into the soil of your potted plants. (Fig 1, Fig 2).