Let’s make another collage — this time an artful abstract one.

As you may recall from our first collage project way back on March 14, a collage is an artistic composition made of various materials glued onto a surface creating a new whole. So, let’s get to it!

Fig 1

Step 1. Find a suitable stiff background paper or cardboard the size of your finished project. Flip through magazines to find interesting textures and bright colors and tear them out as you go along. Do not use scissors. Just tear the shapes to keep soft edges that will blend into each other more easily. (Fig 1)  

Step 2. Look at your pieces and decide if there is a color theme jumps out at you.  This collage is primarily in shades of blue with a few other accents to create interest. Now, you can go back through the magazines again for a variety of shades and textures of blue.

Lay the papers down, playing with it until it’s pleasing to your eye. To make sure none of your background shows, overlap the pieces as you go along. (Fig 2)

Step 3. Using glue that dries clear (or Modge Podge) glue down your paper pieces with a brush. Be sure to completely cover the paper pieces with glue so that the edges stay down. (Fig 3)

Step 4. Step back and look at your composition. Is there enough of a focal point? Our blue collage is beautiful but it needs something more (Fig 4). Add and glue down more layers of paper until you get it just the way you want. Put one more coat of glue on top of the whole collage, so that it is glued from underneath and on top. 

Step 5. (Optional)  Further embellish your collage with paint, glitter – or in our blue collage – oil pastels.  (Fig 5)

Step 6. Voila!  A beautiful work of art suitable for framing. (Fig 6)

This wonderful project and the “blue collage” was created by Spriha Gupta, HV Arts Council Member and mixed-media artist. 

To see more of Spriha’s work, go to https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/spriha-gupta-13197