Another heart project!  These silhouette hearts look challenging, but are actually quite easy. Give them a try!

Step 1. Tear out colorful pages from a discarded magazine or junk mail. Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut the papers into narrow strips of equal width. (Fig 1, Fig 2)

Fig 3

Step 2.  Draw a heart on a piece of cardboard or stiff paper, and cut out the heart. Or print this heart template! (Fig 3)

Step 3.  Glue down strips of paper side-by-side onto the heart. Try to get the strips as close together as possible, making sure the strips extend beyond the outline of the heart.  Continue adding paper strips until the entire heart is covered. (Fig 4)

Step 4. Turn the shaggy heart over. To get a crisp edge, use scissors to cut off the excess paper, following the perimeter outline of the heart. Use your colorful finished heart to make a card or a wall hanging. (Fig 5)

Variation: Make an even fancier heart by weaving the strips of paper. To weave, attach strips of paper side-by-side vertically, except this time only attach the paper at the top. Then weave strips of paper through horizontally, alternating over and under the vertical strips. Glue the paper down. Turn over and cut along the outline of the heart. 

Check out a completed basic heart and a woven heart. (Fig 6)

Fig 6