It’s EARTH DAY! Today’s project is a diorama. 

A diorama is a model of a scene made with three-dimensional miniature figures.

Before you get started, check out this finished project made by HV Arts Council member, Jane Zamost.  You can make a diorama like Jane’s or create a scene of your own.

Step 1. Create trees with branches by cutting strips on the top of the rolls. There are many  options for making leaves. They can be painted on, cut out of paper, or you can use real leaves.

Step 2. To make a flower bed, put a cardboard roll on its side and cut little slits every so often where you’d like flowers to “appear.” Flowers can be handmade or picked from your garden and inserted into the slits.  

Step 3. Assemble the scene. Cut several slits in the base of your trees to create tabs that can be glued onto a cardboard base.   Paint grass, make a path, add some rocks – or whatever you like.  Checkout the cute cat Jane added to her diorama. 

Jane Zamost is an artist and a healing arts instructor.  To see more about Jane go to