Today’s project uses our cell phones to explore a photography concept called “forced perspective.”

Fig 1 @nikkideephotography

A “forced perspective” image is one that uses optical illusions to make objects appear different than what they actually are.  They trick our perceptions by challenging what we see and how our brain processes it.

For example, an object could be positioned in such a way that it appears much larger or smaller than it actually is. The object obviously is exactly the size it should be, but the way that it’s been positioned in the photo creates a perspective that is unusual and ends up confusing our minds. (Fig 1)

A few more examples you can try are: holding an object (Fig 2); a reflection in water (Fig 3); or people sitting or lying down (Fig 4).

Check out these other hilarious forced perspective images:  (Fig 5, Fig 6, Fig 7).  It’s like creating a piece of abstract art!

To see more pictures and explore the concept of forced perspective further, go to