Creativity is popping up everywhere!  Strolling on your daily walk, you may have already stumbled upon – much to your surprise and glee – an unexpected work of art. Why not pay it forward?

Step 1. Locate a good spot for your creation.  You want to make sure someone sees it, but don’t put it in a place that is too highly traveled or it may get inadvertently disassembled or cause someone to trip. Also consider picking a location where you can easily gather materials.

Step 2. Geometric shapes, like circles, squares or spirals are fairly easy to undertake. Gather up sticks, stones, pine cones or whatever else you can find. The repetitive use of the found items makes for a pleasing design. (Fig 1, Fig 2). Or you can just go freeform. (Fig 3)

Step 3. Attitude adjustment required. These are temporary works of art, so don’t be sad if they are not there tomorrow. Depending on the weather and the weight of the items you use, your creation may last longer than you think!

We’d love to see photos of your finished natural mural or others you may have found while out and about.  #HVDailydose.