Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! So, for the next couple of days, let’s celebrate our beautiful planet.

Coffee filters are used for more than just coffee.  They are great for crafts and lately have been used in home-made masks. Today, we will make the planet earth. Who knew!

Step 1. Color the coffee filter with a blue and green marker. Earth is made up of a lot more water than land, so color more blue than green. Start by coloring most of the coffee filter with blue and then go back and added some green. You don’t have to be neat or stay in the lines. (Fig 1)

Step 2. Spray the colored coffee filter with water until the coffee filter is saturated. Do this step outside or over a sink because it’s a bit messy! (TIP: Be sure to rinse the sink immediately after you finish the project to avoid staining.) As you spray the coffee filter, the colors will run and combine. You might want to rotate the coffee filter as you spray to hit the entire surface.

Step 3. Lay the coffee filter out to dry.

Each little planet earth project is unique depending on how much green was added and how the colors ran together!

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