This project is an oldie but a goodie! We hope you enjoy it.

Step 1. Start with a piece of cardboard the size you want your finished artwork to be.  Using a pencil or marker, draw a simple design on the cardboard – just the big lines and shapes only.  For inspiration you can copy a coloring book drawing. 

Step 2. Trace the lines with glue. Then add some background texture.  Keep it thick. Now wait for it to dry… it may take overnight. It’s tempting to rush but, it is important for the glue to be dry. (Fig 2, Fig 3)  You can also try a hot glue gun, which will dry faster.

Step 3. Cut a piece of aluminum foil slightly larger than the cardboard. Cover one side (shiny or dull, your choice) with a glue stick ( You’ll have to use a glue stick or it will show through the foil). Be generous with the glue stick, making sure to cover the foil all the way. (Fig 4)

Step 4. Press the foil, glue-side down, over your design, starting from the center and working your way out. Press the foil against the glue lines. You can use a paper towel wrapped over your finer and a cotton swab to gently press the foil close against the glue lines so everything is tight. If you get rips because the foil is too tight, don’t worry. They will be camouflaged later. (Fig 5)

Step 5. Use a DULL pencil and start drawing patterns in the blank spaces between the glue lines. (Fig 6)

Step 6. Once it is the way you like it, rub some shoe polish over the whole piece to create a “patina.” You can use any color, but black will look the most like metal. Get the polish into all of the little lines. Let the polish dry for a minute, then gently buff it off with a paper towel. It will look just like metal! (Fig 7 & Fig 8)

Photos from “Ali Does It Herself.”