October is Art Month at thePennington Farmers Market. On October 11, show your love of the culinary arts by entering the Arts Council’s “art in the everyday bake-off” featuring the bounty of our local fall produce. Or, visit the Arts Council tent and try your hand at making a beautiful artistic creation of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


This time of year the local farmer’s markets are brimming with colorful, flavorful produce including apples, beets, corn, tomatoes, squash and pumpkins. They can all be turned into beautiful creations that are fun to eat! Here is some inspiration from around the web for edible art that you can try at home.

Pantone Rainbow Tarts


Where would we be without Pantone’s library of beautiful color? Make your own edible color chips out of food, like this recipe for passionfruit cheesecake.

25 Adorable Food Animals


If your mother ever told you not to play with your food, we’re hoping you’ll break the rules this one time. Haven’t you always wanted to make a poodle out of your cauliflower? And you’re in luck – October and November are the months for cauliflower; you’ll find it at your local New Jersey farmers market.

Breakfast Art


Use a piece of toast as your canvas like these creative people did to recreate famous works of art.

Food Turned Paint


If you’re out of watercolors, color rich foods like blackberries, beets (at the farmers market all season long), and spices like turmeric can be just as beautiful. Click the link above for a tutorial.