Artist Leslie Ann Holden

Design Statement 

Glitter-Bull is glittery and colorful. He is covered in wildflowers and vines. He is happy and sparkles in the sun.

To create Glitter-Bull, I will use acrylic paints, glitter, and, gloss medium and varnish medium. He will then be sprayed with a protective clear coat sealant, for weatherproofing.

My inspiration for this design, Glitter-Bull, was from seeing the clear night sky at the Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico. The stars and planets were bright and sparkling. The floral design on Glitter-Bull is homage to the beautiful wildflowers in the fields of Hopewell Borough Park, where my husband and I enjoy long walks. Last autumn, the fields were a sea of Goldenrod. I like to think that Glitter-Bull is a cheerful chap, happily standing out in a field surrounded by wildflowers.

Glitter Bull

Glitter Bull by Leslie Ann Holden

Glitter Bull by Leslie Ann Holden