Artist James MacFie

 Design Statement

My concept is called “Digi-Bull.”  The ox will look like a bronze sculpture that has had a section cut out of it to reveal bright, digital landscapes.  There will be a shadow painted between the bronze portion and the pixel landscape to stimulate a 3-dimensional depth on a 2-dimensional surface.  The idea is to combine the look of a classic art material (bronze) with a new one (pixels) while also dealing with the illusion of space and depth.

The pixelated portions of the design will be painted with brightly, candy-colored acrylic paints.  The paint will be applied by brush and/or a custom stamp.  The bronze parts of the ox will be rendered with metallic paints and faux patina to give both the texture and look of aged metal.  The shadow between the two materials will either be hand-painted or spray applied acrylic or latex paint.


Digi-Bull by James MacFie

Digi-Bull by James MacFie