The competition was stiff at this year’s Amazing Pumpkin Carve and judges from the Seward Johnson Atelier had their work cut out for them. In the end, judges, Claire Brown,  Atelier Director,  and Emma Vitello, Atelier Curator / Collections Management, awarded the following to the amazing 2022 carvers:

Most Sculptural Monster’s Cheese Rich Palumbo + Danielle Costa-McCobb
Best Design Wrapped Up in His Work Patrick Pasquito
Best Use of Pumpkin Pieces Stitched Angler Angry Michelle Clark + Benjamin Clark
Best of Pop Culture Scary VW Kathy Lala + Linda Angely
Best Surface Carving Pumpkin Razzle Susan Roseman
Best Use of Light Fire Bad Sarah Bernotas
Best Painted Pumpkin Eye See Red Lori Johanssen
Cutest Pumpkin Over the Garden Wall Jonathan Conner
Best Hair Swallow Your Fear, Breathe Fire Matt Derby
Most Creative Use of Materials The Earth Anne Nixon-Ellery
Best 3D Carving Snake Skull Pumpkin Britany Keyak-Potoczky
Scariest Pumpkin Brain Stu Barbara DiLorenzo
Best Visual Movement Melting Skull John Woodard
Most Bizarre Duck Mountain Alyssa Staffin + Gary Staffin
Most Humorous Cereal Killer Michael Davies
Best Seasonal Design Squirreling Away Joyce Vollmer
Best Use of Height See, Hear + Speak No Evil Caroline Hall
Honorable Mention Cerberus Elice Slafka
Honorable Mention Spooky Bedtime Stories Aleece Davis
Honorable Mention Under Lock & Key Jennifer Stevens + Annette Vilagos

Congratulations to all! This is the best year yet!