Hopewell Valley Arts Council Board with 2017 Scholarship Award Winners

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council announced scholarship awards for four Hopewell Valley Central High School graduating seniors on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at the HVCHS Senior Awards Night. Present were (L-R) HV Arts Council Board Member Michelle Needham and Board President Carol Lipson; HVCHS graduating seniors and scholarship award winners Kayley SkedKanon Shamboraa, Jake Csermak and Bryan Hill; and Arts Council Board Members Dawn Berman and Liz Bell.

Four Hopewell Valley Central High School Graduating Seniors Surprised by Scholarship Announcement at Senior Awards Night

PENNINGTON, NJ July 1, 2017—For a third year, the Hopewell Valley Arts Council (@hvartscouncil) has awarded scholarships to four graduating seniors of Hopewell Valley Central High School. The scholarships are granted to outstanding Hopewell Valley students in recognition for their creative accomplishments and ambitions.

This year’s students were surprised with the announcement of their awards at the HVCHS Senior Awards Night, held on June 15, 2017. 

According to Arts Council President Carol Lipson, the students beat out a large pool of applicants to be selected.”We have consistently had outstanding applicants for the scholarships in the past three years. But this year, we had more kids apply for the awards and every one was excellent. Our Selection Committee had a really tough job! We are delighted that our four award winners represent accomplishments in a broad range of the arts, reflecting our organization’s commitment to support all kinds of Art in the Everyday. We are so proud of the young artists of Hopewell Valley. Their performances and exhibits and sharing of their talents are part of what makes Hopewell Valley an art-rich community.  Recognizing young artists with these scholarships is one of the most awesome things we do!”

This year’s recipients are:

  • Reinah Bauer, who will continue her involvement with instrumental music and voice performance in the Rutgers University Honors Program;
  • Danielle Costanzo, who will study performing arts at Muhlenberg College;
  • Michaela Pietrinferno who will study technical theater at Savannah College of Art and Design; and
  • Demi Zhang, who will continue her development as a visual artist at Rutgers University.

Each winner received a $500 scholarship from the Arts Council.

The Arts Council started the scholarship program in 2015 during the organization’s first year of operation as a non-profit, reflecting the Council’s deep commitment to support youth arts education and the role art and creativity play in an enriched life

About the Hopewell Valley Arts Council

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating “art in the everyday” throughout the Hopewell Valley region of New Jersey, including Hopewell Township, Titusville, Hopewell Borough and Pennington Borough. Now in its third year of operation, the Arts Council has blossomed as an art-focused partner for many community institutions and events. Through its efforts to cultivate art appreciation and participation, the Arts Council aims to nurture a vibrant, creative and engaged community. The organization grew out of the 2014 Hopewell Stampede, a project initiated by a passionate group of art-loving residents who enlisted local artists to decorate more than 70 oversized, fiberglass oxen. The oxen were displayed throughout the community.

For more information, visit hvartscouncil.org. Follow the Arts Council on Facebook at Facebook.com/HVStampede/, Instagram, Instagram.com/hvartscouncil and Twitter Twitter.com/hvartscouncil.