2017 Carvers, Community Partners, and Photographers

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council will be featuring 50 of the region’s best artists and nonprofits creatively carving 50 gigantic pumpkins at this year’s Amazing Pumpkin Carve, from Wednesday, October 11 through Sunday, October 15 at its new location at Woolsey Park.

At this family-friendly autumn exhibition,original organic pumpkin sculptures will be displayed by these amazing artists:

Sarah Bernotas • Janice Blayne Paul • Daniel Clark • Michelle Clark • Jonathan Conner • Julia Cook • Tom Cook • Danielle Deering • Tim Cresson • Aleece Davis • Matt Derby • Barbara DiLorenzo • Kate Eggleston • James Feehan • John Goeke • Carol Gorham • Caroline Hall • Earlie “Messiah” Harrell • Gyuri Hollosy • Lori Johansson • Lenora Kandiner • James Kelewae • Matthew Langille • Curtis May • Colleen Miller • Jim Minton • Leon Rainbow • Susan Roseman • Stanley Saperstein • Eric Schultz • Kathleen Sheehan • Loretta Shigo • Elice Slafka • Alyssa Staffin • Nancy Stark • Jennifer Stevens • Steven Tian • Jill Thomas • Darell Tuomari • Amy Wagner • Jodi Walker • Linda Williams • Charlie Yeh

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council provides compensation to the artists for their work, and has also generously reserved 10 carving seats to 10 local non-profit community organizations. The honorarium, ordinarily provided to the pumpkin carving artist, will be donated by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council to these nonprofits:

Art and Healing at Capital Health • Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space • Hope is in the Bag • Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance and The Youth Warehouse • Hopewell Valley Music and Theater Parents Association • Hopewell Valley YMCA • Hopewell Valley Youth Chorale • Pennington School Art Club • Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum

For the list of our amazing carving winners, check out this link!


This year was also the FIRST annual photography show at the Amazing Pumpkin Carve so we have even more to be thankful for, our participating photographers:

Jacob Brown • Tom Cook • Anna Fraczak • Elizabeth Brand Gutierrez • Leslie Hollander • Carol Lipson • Cristina Loutfi • Kevin McCullough • Morgan McCullough • Corinne Reslier • Courtney Ross • Martin Schwartz • John Wells • Carl Wille • Claire Wille

For the list of our amazing photography winners, check out this link!