There, Now You Can Grow sculpture by Seward Johnson

There, Now You Can Grow by Seward Johnson

There, Now You Can Grow

Sponsored by the Morehouse Family + Community Donors
Hopewell Elementary School
35 Princeton Avenue
Hopewell NJ 08525

  • Seward Johnson believed in celebrating little things worth commemorating in a sculpture. Are there little things that you celebrate?
  • Think about your dream garden. Describe the colorful flowers that would be in your garden?
  • Try to empty your head of thoughts, and take a peaceful walk along the path of the infinity garden. If you stay focused on your feet, you can just keep going around and around for as long as you like on the infinity path. The symbol of infinity is often used to remind us of balance, focus, harmony, peace, and oneness.


    • Hopewell Elementary has created many outdoor learning spaces for their students. Check out the outdoor yoga area and the Nature Harmony Project Infinity Garden where the Seward Johnson sculpture is on display.
    • The current Hopewell Elementary School was originally known as the Hopewell Grammar School when it opened in 1926. It replaced the Lincoln Grammar School on Model Avenue, which was originally built in 1888.
    • The mascot of Hopewell Elementary is Freddy the Frog.
    • The “Frog War” is the name of a confrontation that took place on January 5 and 6, 1876 at a railroad crossing just south of Hopewell Borough. One railroad tried to stop another railroad from constructing a “frog” so that the tracks of its new line could cross the existing tracks. A confrontation ensued. “A frog” is railroad jargon for the rails that allow trains to cross intersecting tracks. As the crowds of angry people grew, the Governor called out troops, and made an official ruling giving the go-ahead for the frog, ending the battle. Click here for more.

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