Take Our Artist Survey!

Take the Hopewell Valley Arts Council Artist Survey and let your voice be heard

We want artists and artisans interested in being active in the Hopewell Valley community to take our Artist Survey.

As the first step to collect additional information about interested artists and artisans and their areas of expertise and interest, the Hopewell Valley Arts Council has created an artist survey. We are interested in identifying artists who want to participate or learn more about the development of a new Hopewell Valley Artists Guild to support various initiatives.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional in your creative field, we would appreciate your input. Please take a few minutes to complete this artist survey to help get our initiatives underway.

Click here to start the survey.

A little background…

The Hopewell Valley Art Council is a growing organization dedicated to celebrating art in the everyday.  By cultivating all types of creative exploration and artistic expression, the HV Arts Council aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts in the greater Hopewell Valley and enhance the quality of our lives and communities.

The HV Arts Council was formed in 2014 with our first undertaking, the Hopewell Valley Stampede, which placed artist-created oxen sculptures throughout the Valley. We were heartened by the wonderful community response to this accessible and whimsical venture, and the clear excitement about greater attention to the arts in our valley.

What we have heard

To further develop the role of the arts council in our community, we held a series of focus groups in 2016 with local business people, residents, and artists.

Based on feedback from the focus groups and our own experiences and conversations over the past few years, we have identified several initiatives we believe would be beneficial to local artists and the community at large.  They include:

  • Creation of an online local arts website where arts-related information would be consolidated and made available to the public (i.e., arts calendar & news, artists directory, resource links, etc.)
  • Facilitation of opportunities for artists to show and sell their work, instruct classes or workshops, and be matched with those interested in commissioned pieces.
  • Create a forum for established and emerging artists to gather, network and share ideas and resources. This would be an environment to encourage collaboration   and the exchange of ideas. We would hope it would foster opportunities for resource sharing and cross-promotion.

So, what can you do to get involved and help?

First, please take the artist survey. 

And second, please share this survey with your artist friends and colleagues.  We would love to include as many interested creative people as possible. Share this link.

Third, please consider becoming an artist member of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council!

Thank you for your support, and for all that you do to make our valley a more beautiful and interesting place. We are looking forward to seeing your responses to our survey!