Miami Gardens

by Brenda Karaburk

Design Statement

Miami Gardens – I made it colorful with a big flamingo and just random flowers and waves. I love things bright and colorful and love my trip a few years back to Miami where I loved it there . You see if you look in everyday life there is art all around, always. ❤️

Materials:  Acrylic, spray paint
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 50″

Map/Spire Number: 11

Location: Hopewell Train Station

Address: 2 Railroad Place, Hopewell NJ 08525

About the Artist

About the Artist

I been doing art since I was a kid , I love all kinds of art. I love to paint flowers and known for my tree of life art creations. I’m also a lover of reselling, animals, humanity and doing cool things. I am also a part time teachers aid that works with special needs kids. I love it too. There is so much fun and beautiful things always happening, just look around. Stay hopeful!

IG: @lit_art_by_me


HV Arts Coucil Karaburk Full Spire

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Artistic Accolades:

“Bold colors and fun designs are sure to inspire a frozen drink and a few laps in the pool.”